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Thank you for visiting Schlaraffia Washingtonia’s website and welcome.


I am wondering how you found us? It was definitely a good choice, and I would like to provide you with some interesting information, for our world-wide members some up-dates and for the new and intrigued people some basic information: 


We are a group that comes together to practice the arts and to enjoy a good sense of humor. We do this in an environment of respect, tolerance, and friendship. Our modern world is full of opportunities and choices but it is not easy to be successful in today’s working environment and our communities. We want to create an opportunity, for a few hours during our gatherings, to be ourselves: relaxed, no stress, creative, and have fun. Therefore, we do not talk about politics, religion, and most importantly our professional work. Sounds awkward? Aren’t we expected to work long hours, drive children to sports events, make time for family, network at any time, meet people at happy hours, receive work-related emails at midnight and be active on social media 24/7. So how to disconnect? Our founders (in 1859 in Prague, Czech Republic) had this magnificent idea and as to the trend in the literature (Romantik) of that époque, we submerge ourselves into the times of the knights of the middle age and practice the arts, friendship, and humor under the umbrella of those times. In today’s word: we play a game with some special rules, like Fortnite. Intrigued? Schlaraffia, how it is called, is open to everybody to join one of over 300 groups all over the world. As the founders were German-speaking musicians, our official language remains German and with this little bias, we relate more to German and European art and culture without prejudice to others. Our group is located in Washington DC and we have defined our own mission as follows: 


“As true “Schlaraffen” we embrace friendship, the arts, and humor. We want to enjoy moments with friends that respect us and tolerate our artful activities. During our meetings, we want to present our creative presentations in a stress-free environment. We like to laugh, also about ourselves. Music and singing is an integral part of our meetings. They also give us the opportunity to practice and improve our German language knowledge. We want to be positive, enjoy a glass of wine and embrace the challenges of a modern world. Schlaraffia gives us the opportunity to encounter and meet interesting people on each continent of this globe.” 



Gerhard aka Ritter Favorito

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